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Daniel Sonic Rojas (COL)

Dancer, original movement artist, choreographer and yoga instructor

„We can be here today,we don‘t know if we‘re going to be here tomorrow. Listen to the voice inside of you and go there. When I believe in that, I don‘t give up and I continue. So better to stay present in time and enjoy the moment. And live the moment and give your best all the time.“


A respected dancer and original movement artist, European Champion in Ultimate Bboy Session and the world‘s number two in breakdance. The creator of his signature style called Embodied Dance.

  Daniel Sonic Rojas has been dancing and performing for over 25 years. He became famous thanks to his creativity and his unique way of telling stories through dance. He created his own More…

Meet Daniel Sonic Rojas (COL)

Voices of Meltingpot 2017
Embodied dance
Daniel Sonic Rojas in Savery Academy