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Cedric Leighton (USA)

CNN military analyst, expert in cybersecurity

„I love to teach and engage with people. Motivating them to achieve and then seeing that goal realised gives me an unparalleled sense of achievement.“


A veteran of 26 years as an Intelligence Officer in the US Air Force, Colonel Cedric Leighton is a CNN Military Analyst, a co-founder of the cybersecurity risk consultancy CYFORIX and the Chairman of Cedric Leighton Associates, LLC, a global strategic risk consultancy. He supported key combat operations in the Middle East, deploying to the region five times. His development of innovative intelligence dissemination architectures continues to be used today. He has won a number of awards and decorations in the US Defense.

  Colonel Leighton became a CNN Military Analyst in 2015. He helped CNN cover the Bataclan terrorist attacks from Paris that year. He has also provided his military expertise to help CNN’s More…