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BaoBao Chen (TWN)

music producer, travel blogger and co-founder of Small Island Big Song project

„We should all learn something from the island communities. Learn the way they have been sustainably living on the island for thousands of years.“


She is a Taiwanese project producer, music manager and public speaker. Along with her partner Tim Cole, the two created the unique project Small Island Big Song, uniting indigenous musicians sharing an ancient seafaring ancestry across the Pacific & Indian Oceans. They launched the project in 2015 and have been independently recording and filming with over a hundred musicians across Asia, Pacific and Indian Oceans since. The album Small Island Big Song was released in July 2018.

  As a project manager, BaoBao has also brought the project's live show to stage, booking and managing an extensive world tours to Europe, Asia, Oceania and Americas, featuring 4 to 12 More…

Meet BaoBao Chen (TWN)

Small Island Big Song - Project Trailer