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Andrew Keen (GBR/USA)

Enterpreneur, reporter and critic in the field of digital revolution, bestselling author

„We’ve fallen in love with this idea of social media but it’s not really social, it’s actually anti-social.“


If we only knew How to fix the future...this is the name of his newly published book (2018) focusing on his lifelong field of interest – the internet. Andrew Keen, a native of Great Britain living in the US, is one of the world’s best known critics and commentators on the digital revolution, trying to lay the foundations for real solutions to the issues of surveillance capitalism, big data monopolies, fake news, digital addiction and other threats of the digital age we live in.


„The real opportunity today is with innovation. That’s the real danger of Google and Facebook – innovators who think beyond them.“ Back in the 90’s he was already running an internet-based business More…

Meet Andrew Keen (GBR/USA)

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Andrew Keen – How to Fix the Future