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Andrew Alois Urbis (CZE)

psychologist, therapist, pioneer of dark therapy

„Nowadays a person receives as much information in a day as a person one hundred years ago in a year. This means that we are overloaded and unable to devote ourselves to much-needed internal processes. And that is what darkness allows us to do.“


A real Mountain doctor who works at the professional center of holistic medicine at the Beskydy Rehabilitation Center in Čeladná. Andrew Urbis is a well-known Czech philosopher, psychologist, therapist with a focus on holistic medicine, a promoter of healthy lifestyle, and a founder of the professional concept of dark therapy in the Czech Republic. He leads therapeutic groups where he teaches special breathing techniques, psychophysical and physiological relaxation, Tao-yin exercises, methods of inner smile, self-stimulation of energy pathways and microsystems, or the principle of harmonic diet. He also devotes himself to art.

  He studied psychology at Faculty of Arts, Palacky University Olomouc, and underwent long-term psychotherapeutic training focused on intense changes in consciousness. Later he studied More…