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Vladimír Strejček (CZE)

llustrator, graphic designer, and Czech comic guru

„Artists? We are no artists. I would call us craftsmen. Art should have some overlap, added value, and concept. Art is an approach to the matter. And we do not really fit this description. I do not see us as artists or designers. We're just doing a craft show.“
Vladimir is one of the leaders of the contemporary Czech illustrator scene. He established his own graphic studio DRAWetc and a brand Urban Legend. He works for major brands: Raiffeisenbank, Mc Donald's, Kingswood, Milka, Starobrno, and KFC are among his clients' portfolio.
As a college student, he started earning his own living; today he is the owner of the most successful graphic studio in the country and generates 15 million turnovers per year. He was only the second More…