Lecture in language


Václav Sůra (CZE)

Polar explorer and extreme documentarist

„Frost is man's best friend. Unlike in the case of heat, we can get warm by moving in freezing conditions, we can't make water in the desert, but snow and ice can easily be melted into water.“
For more than 20 years, Václav has been going on expeditions to the polar regions of our planet. With just what is loaded on a sleigh, he travels to places where the human foot has not yet treaded. He was the first Czech to cross the frozen Lake Baikal. He crossed Greenland and walked through Spitsbergen. In 2005, he became the fourth Czech to reach the North Pole.
He lived with Eskimos in the northernmost settlement in the world, slept in a tent in the coldest inhabited place in the world. On the icy plains, he returns to the roots of human existence.