Lecture in language


Senta Čermáková (CZE)

Deloitte Innovation Director and mentor

„Představte si, že máte jablko, a já mám taky jablko. Když si svá jablka vyměníme, výsledek je zase stejný: jedno jablko ve vaší ruce a jedno jablko v mé ruce. Ale představte si, že máte myšlenku, a já mám jinou myšlenku - když si je vyměníme, vy máte dvě myšlenky a já mám taky dvě myšlenky.Imagine having an apple, and I have an apple too. When we exchange our apples, the result is the same: one apple in your hand and one apple in my hand. But imagine that you have an idea, and I have another idea - when we exchange them, you have two ideas and I have two ideas as well.“

An award holder of the Manager of the Year, once head of Hewlett-Packard, now the head of the Deloitte innovation team. She has also been actively involved in mentoring both young and experienced.

Senta Čermáková is a proud graduate of the biocybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. After initially gaining experience in smaller companies, More…