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Katharina Zellweger (CHE/PRK)

Humanitarian activist and expert on North Korea

„We saw rooms of starving children; I knew that by the time I’d come back in a few weeks, they wouldn’t be there any more.“

Katharina is one of the recognized experts on the Korean Peninsula, China and Hong Kong. She founded and manages KorAid Limited, a nonprofit organization that helps disabled children in North Korea and China. She lectures on the issue of North Korea not only at Stanford University, California, but also at conferences in Europe and the United States. She alternates between living in Hong Kong, North Korea, native Switzerland and California.

Katharina first came to the North Korea and China region in 1978, when she arrived here as a humanitarian worker of the charity organization Catholic Agency Caritas in Hong Kong. For More…

Meet Katharina Zellweger (CHE/PRK)