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Josef Suchár (CZE)

Roman-Catholic priest, a long-time president of the Diocese of Hradec Králové

„We wanted the church to live with us, not to turn it in a relic of the past“
The Czech Roman-Catholic priest and a longtime president of the Diocese Charity Hradec Králové will present at this year's Meltingpot one of his projects to save the monastery of the pilgrimage church of Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) in Neratov. He will introduce his life's journey and life's mission in a panel together with Tatana Gregor Brzobohata and the visitors will have an opportunity to follow stories of the „hearts in the right place“. 
Josef  became an electrician and worked for 15 years in factories. In 1986 he was secretly ordained a priest and after the Velvet Revolution he joined the diocese of Hradec Králové. Since 1989, More…