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Jeremy Loops (ZAF)

Singer, songwriter, and record producer

„My inspiration in my life are people who do good things. I think it's so easy to become corrupted in this world and lose sight of what you want to achieve. I'm not inspired only by famous people. The fact that people simply do good is enough.“

Like a sailor in the open ocean, which Jeremy really was, he sails from pop to rock, folk, hip hop, beatbox or reggae, and in his lyrics he does not hide the fact that joyful optimism as an appeal to better times is closest to his heart.

Jeremy Thomas Hewitt comes from Cape Town. After graduating from university, he was employed on a yacht and traveled half the globe. He took his guitar and loop with him and when he returned, it did More…

Meet Jeremy Loops (ZAF)

Jeremy Loops - Waves (Official Music Video)