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Horia Mosadiq (AFG/GBR)

Journalist and human rights activist in Afghanistan

„I will keep fighting for a better Afghanistan for as long as I can. I believe that Afghans deserve a better future where their human rights are respected and protected, and I will not give up until this dream comes true.“
Horia works for Amnesty International and is fighting for human rights and women's rights in one of the world's most complicated regions – in Afghanistan. As a journalist and researcher of Amnesty International, she maps the situation in the affected regions and regularly informs about the atrocities of the Taliban and other armed groups. She established the first media organization for victims of the Afghan conflict, War Victims Network, in Afghanistan and has received several peace prizes.
As a result of her ongoing reporting and activist work, Horia is on the list of inconvenient people of numerous armed groups and individuals. Many days a year she puts her own life at stake More…

Meet Horia Mosadiq (AFG/GBR)