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Barbara Winton (GBR)

Daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton, homeotherapist and alternative therapist

„My father's story is very useful for reminding people today of how valuable it is to do something you believe in.“
Her father was Sir Nicolas Winton, a man who at the beginning of the World War II rescued 669 Czechoslovak, mostly Jewish children from death in Nazi concentration camps. She wrote a book about Nicholas Winton's life and does everything to prevent forgetting his act. 
Barbara Winton, the daughter of Nicholas and Greta Winton, was born in 1953. She is an alternative therapist and lives in the Herefordshire countryside with her husband Stephen Watson, with More…

Meet Barbara Winton (GBR)

Barbara Winton v DVTV
Interview to Barbara Winton, daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton. London, 27 June 2013
Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme "That's Life" aired in 1988