Václav Dejčmar

A non-traditional economist and a major shareholder of the RSJ brokerage firm, one of the world’s largest financial market players, and a seasoned traveller.

In 2011 he directed the film ‘I am Fishead’, which provocatively comments on the world around us. His lifelong passions are philosophy and psychology.

In 2007 he visited Peru where he still likes to return. The fascinating diversity of this country includes the legacy and remnants of many ancient civilizations. It only takes few days to visit many sights such as the legendary Inca buildings, the mystical Lake Titicaca found high in the mountains or the tropical jungle around the waters of the Amazon. It is there that, according to some claims, you can find the most shamans per square kilometer. Peru is one of the few countries in the world where it is legal to use psychedelic substances and work with various states of consciousness as they are considered to be the legitimate legacy of native Indian cultures.

His talk will be about why it is important to balance rationality by dreaming, how history is affecting the present day, how you can find your inner self whilst travelling, about ayahuasce and Universo Shipibó.