Václav Cílek

A geologist and climatologist, and a famous populariser of science.

From an early age he was fascinated by nature and the power associated with it. For some time he studied at an English-Swahili secondary school in Tanzania, and after his return to Czechoslovakia he entered a mining vocational school in Příbram, from where on the wishes of his family he continued on to Charles University, where he successfully graduated in the field of geology at the Science Faculty. After the Velvet Revolution he became a member of the newly established Geological Institute of the Academy of Sciences, where he studied in particular lunar rocks and karst sediments and minerals. He has consistently followed changes in the Czech landscape and climatic changes, from the mid-eighties he has studied various aspects of environmental geology, frequently in cooperation with scientists from various fields and archaeologists. Aside from geology and climatology he concerns himself with a range of other expert activities, in his books he often writes of philosophy, theology or art. Among other things he translates Taoist and Zen texts. He has also taken part in a range of television projects, for example in the serials Wandering the Old Roads, Rocks in the Czech Landscape, The River in the Flow of Time, Underground Bohemia or Magical Mountains.