Tomáš Šebek

Doctor, writer and presenter.

Šebek studied general medicine at the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. In 2004 he founded a company which nowadays operates the professional portal proLékař and the public portal uLékař Since 2010 he has been working with the international organisation Doctors Without Borders. He now has four missions to his credit, twice in having been to Haiti and twice to Kunduz. In the spring of 2014 he was elected as secretary of the Austrian committee and he is also a permanent member of the congress of the Geneva operational centre of Doctors Without Borders.

In the period 2014 to 2016 Šebek broadcast his own programme U lékaře (At the Doctor’s) on the Czech airwaves of the BBC. To support a Haitian student of medicine at Charles University he brought out the book Mise Haiti – 6 měsíců s Lékaři bez hranic (Mission to Haiti – 6 Months with Doctors Without Borders). Another of his books is Mise Afghánistán – Český chirurg v zemi lovců draků (Mission to Afghanistan – A Czech Surgeon in the Land of Dragon Hunters). Currently he specialises in laparoscopic surgery in the abdominal cavity and at the same time on his missions with Doctors Without Borders as a wartime surgeon he focuses on trauma to the abdomen, chest and extremities. Outside his medical career he enjoys acrobatic flying and running barefoot marathons.