Sam Lee

At present the brightest star of the modern English folk, for whom meeting with British and Irish nomadic Roma and travellers represented something “like discovering a new species”.

They allowed this collector into their circles, which is unusual for these distrustful communities, strongly discriminated against by mainstream society. Sam Lee has rewarded them in the most natural way: he began to sing their songs. And in a way that has made draws drop in Britain and around the world. Sam is and in this respect will remain on the English folk scene a solitary soldier in the field, and despite initial assumptions that he would not get far with themes taken from travellers, he was nominated for a Mercury Prize, was featured on the cover of the magazine fRoots, where he also easily won the prestigious survey of the best album of world music, and he also did well in the respected Folk Awards announced by BBC radio. The excellent musicians in Sam’s backing group actually do not have anything in common with folk, coming from the worlds of jazz, classical music and experimental rock. With his soft voice they create nervy, mysterious and wonderfully jagged sound collages without losing what is most important: a sense that you are still listening to original traditional songs. “I want to make music for people who never heard folk music before, give it a completely new form and challenge the way they previously saw it,” claims Sam Lee.