Rafael Emanuel Ran

Kundalini yoga teacher, voice therapist, spiritual psychology personal trainer and musician.

He´s engaging in voice and movement therapy, past 20 years he´s devoting on discovering of energetic spheres of kundalini yoga, meditation, reiki and theta healing – unique technique of meditation utilizing the access to subconscious and changing the thoughts and beliefs not flourishing us. Rafael is leading retreats and workshops mostly in Israel, India and this year you´ll have opportunity to see him also in Ostrava during Meltingpot forum.

Rafael as an artist and talented musician takes his inspiration from Kundalini yoga and the power of Kundalini mantras.
In his debut album he combines mantras with a fascinating mix of music, full of oriental and rhythmic sounds and inspired by the Sufi tradition. Rafael’s music opens a new dimension to the listener– spirituality, healing, inner peace – and frees the mind from the challenges of modern times.