Petr Kolář

Diplomat, former Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Sweden, Ireland, USA and Russia.

He studied ethnography and folklore at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University. He worked as a specialist at the Institute of Ethnography and Folklology of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, at the Research Centre for Peace and Disarmament of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and as a researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Since 1993 he has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where in 1993-1995 he headed the Department of Compatriot and Non-Governmental Relations and then the 3rd Territorial Department – Eastern and Southern Europe. He represented the Czech Republic as an ambassador in Sweden, Ireland, the USA and Russia. In 2013, he worked for PPF as director of international relations, and he is primarily responsible for Asian markets. Since 2014 he has been working with the European Value think tank and is committed to the European Values Initiative.