Miroslav Pech

A writer.

He grew up in Nova Bystrice in Jindřichův Hradec region. He has a varied career (printer, salesman, general labourer, warehouseman, editor, driver, etc.). He is the author of short stories called ‘I’m going to write to Pavla’ (2013), ‘Extremely Funny Videos’ (2014) and a novel titled ‘Cobain’s Pupils’ (2017). His work has been published in a number of magazines such as Semtam, H_aluze, Psí víno, Protimluv, Host, Salon, Weles, Pandora and on the Internet page ‘Good Address’. His works appears on foreign websites including Belarusian ‘litrazh.org’ site and in Slovenian ‘ludliteratura.si’. He lives in České Budějovice.

Cobain Pupils:
If you thought that after the collapse of communism the youth had an easy life and unlimited possibilities, you would be quite wrong. The nameless hero of Cobain’s pupils takes us from an idyllic childhood through school to adulthood. In other words, from the sandpit to an enthusiastic discovery of the world where every man is like Lennon, but also a little bit like Kerouac, living through a dark haze of booze, drugs, and the notion that no one survives until the resigned knowledge that the boys afflicted with rhotacism work in warehouses. A story like every other. But what makes Pech’s novel a jewel is the nailed manner of speech, a refined sense of dialogue and a sense of humour, though most of the time very dark. So play Nirvana, light up and open the book.