Miloslav Stingl

Legendary Czech traveller.

Miloslav Stingl is an ethnographer and writer, who has personally got to know a number of indigenous cultures and has recorded his experiences in many books. He is honorary chief of the Kickapoo Indian tribe. Stingl’s Indian name is Okima – which translates as “He who leads”. During his travels and expeditions he has visited 151 countries on all the continents. He is able to communicate or get by in 17 languages.

On his travels Stingl has filmed extensively. In total he has shot 510 hours of filmed material. From part of this German state television prepared a 33-part serial entitled “Around the World with Miloslav Stingl” (in the Czech Republic it was taken up and broadcast by the CT 1 and CT 2 channels). For Slovak television he prepared a series on American Indians, entitled “Predecessors and successors to Vinetou”.

Stingl has written more than 40 books, dealing in particular with the indigenous inhabitants of America, Australia and Oceania, and abroad he has long been the most frequently translated and published Czech authors. The basic feature of Stingl’s travel writing and non-fiction is his ability to combine an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of many fields with the art of reviving ancient human fates and events.