Maciej Siuda

An architect and designer.

For him the important thing is the process of design, and interdisciplinary approach to every task, experimenting, the courage to seek out unusual materials and solutions, and exchanging ideas with colleagues. He is characterised by his unusual approach to work in today’s world. His studio is full of the traditional drawings on paper, hand-drawn sketches, models and prototypes. In the twenty-first century with its computer methods this might seem old-fashioned but Siuda claims that models help him to have a better sense of the space and significance of the architecture. In 2012 Siuda’s studio BALLOON won first prize in an architectural competition for the town of Jacmel on Haiti, which had been destroyed by an earthquake. The project that was prepared by Siuda’s team went further than is usual in designs for a building. Its starting point was a thorough analysis of the needs of the inhabitants, the economic situation and conditions in the region. Otherwise Maciej Siuda says of himself that he is not just an architect but also a humanist.