LP alias Laura Pergolizzi, a charismatic thirty-six-year-old American with an imposing, stunningly emotive voice, first found fame as the writer of hits for Rihanna, Cher, Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys and Rita Ora.

Last year she broke through with the love song Lost On You, which occupied the world’s hit parades, radio and iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. “I would say that I am more than anything else a songwriter and catchy is not a dirty word for me,” says the signer with Italian roots of herself. If it were not for the ship tattooed on her chest and the constant ukulele in her hands, her slim figure in men’s clothing and her curly hair would be reminiscent of the young Bob Dylan. She radiates commitment and an ability to give her songs the right doses of drama and melodiousness. She believes that the point of music is to help people to feel good and so she has chosen a simple recipe: an attractive mix of rock, folk, Americana and pop built on a clear and dense guitar sound, with only minimal electronica. They call it “big indie” or “stadium folk rock”.