Scenic reading cycle.

This project, which has been underway since 2003, aims to present interesting books in a form of so-called stage reading to audiences of all generations. It is an attractive combination of literature and theatre performance often livened up by costumes, props, visual effects or musical elements. Two books are going to be presented during Meltingpot in this way: ‘Gottlland’ and ‘Look who’s back’.

Mariusz Szczygieł: Gottland
Polish reporter Mariusz Szczygieł and his flood of information and links about the Czech Republic in the 20th century, which you may not have known.

Timur Vermes: Look who’s back
Summer 2013. Adolf Hitler wakes up on a neglected patch of wasteland in the middle of Berlin. In deepest peace, without his party, without his faithfuls, without Eva. All alone in the sea of immigrants. 66 years after his presumed death he is stuck in the present and against all odds starts a new career – on TV! This bitter political satire shows present Germany as a cynical society which is driven by unscrupulous desire for success, and which, despite decades of democracy, is completely defenseless against the coarsest demagogues.