John Hawken

Psychotherapist, consultant and teacher of Tantra and shamanism.

Since his studies at university in Cambridge he has been interested in theatre and he began on his spiritual path with a study placement with the wonderful Polish theatre director Jerzy Grotowski in his experimental Laboratory Theatre.

Hawken later underwent training in bioenergetic work with the body, Gestalt therapy and biodynamic massage. He spent twelve years as a psychotherapist oriented toward work with the body and today he is passing on his experience with body therapy in the form of Bioenergetic Training.

In 1989 Hawken underwent tantric training with Margo Anand, the founder of SkyDancing Tantra. He was a member of the shamanic lodge Dreamweavers Morningstar, led by Arwyn Dreamwalker. He has primarily studied the shamanic traditions of the Celts and the American Indians.

Today Hawken passes on these teachings in the form of shamanic courses and shamanic training under the title of the Medical Path. The Medical Path he sees as a route to personal development; a route that makes it possible to know ourselves better, to rediscover and live our sacred dream in harmony with all around us.