Jan Rudzinskyj

Aviator and acrobat, lover of historic aircraft and biplanes and pilot in the acrobatic group The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team.

Aside from flying with the Flying Bulls he also performs at air shows with the historical biplane CASA (Bücker) 1.131 Jungmann, D-EELE, which he affectionately calls “Elenka”. “I love early aviation, when they flew in open cockpits, in a leather jacket, balaclava and aviation goggles,” states Jan Rudzinskyj. Last year he published the book Na křídlech racků (On the Wings of Seagulls). There he writes of his love of flying, which he did not lose even after an accident at the Bratislava Air Show nearly took his life. He took five years to write his book. It is not just about flying but also of dreams and the strength to begin again.