Jan Böhm

Digital strategist, Doctors Without Borders.

Since 2015 he has worked in the Prague office of Doctors Without Borders. The mission of Doctors Without Borders is not only to provide health care but also to bring testimony from the field. Therefore they ensure that the stories of people who Doctors Without Borders help gets to the world of ones and zeroes. Digital communication, the development of which he is responsible for, includes for example profiles on social media, online fundraising campaigns and 360° videos from the field. Since May 2016 he has coordinated the Missing Maps project in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and in Doctors Without Borders he is a member of the coordinating team for the whole project. Before he joined Doctors Without Borders he studied new media at the Charles University Faculty of Arts, worked as a freelance consultant for online communication and fundraising (for example for the One World Festival and the Adra organisation) and was director of the Siriri organisation which operates in the Central African Republic.