James Stafford

This Welsh journalist and scriptwriter studied among other places also in Prague. And in the Czech metropolis he fell in love, not only with his future wife Helena, but also with the city itself. This was to such an extent that he dedicated to Prague his historical comic The Sorrowful Putti of Prague. It has been published on his website with cartoonists from around the world for more than ten years. These short tales of a 400-year-old Baroque angel offer such a bizarre mix of historical facts, fantastic stories, the spirit of Prague, black humour and pop culture references that after reading it you will never see Prague in the same way again. The chain-smoking hero meets the zombie John of Nepomuk, encounters the talking head of Saint Adalbert and the Hanged Man of Malá strana and goes to the pub with the golem. The comic has quickly won an audience also thanks to its soundtrack, to which for example Roger O’Donnell, the keyboard player with the legendary group The Cure, contributed.