Faada Freddy

Musician, activist, former member of the famous hip hop trio Daara J.

The voice and the body; that is all the former member of the famous hip hop trio Daara J needs to create his fascinating music. It will have you dumbstruck in a few seconds. With his five-strong French a capella vocal band, the Senegalese singer gives us a musical show like none other, where one can’t find the words or any comparison. You would really have to join the music of Bobby McFerrin, Mahalia Jackson, Otis Redding and ZAZ to get anywhere near. Faada Freddy disappeared from the public eye for a few years, only to return in 2015 with the beautiful album “Gospel Journey”, a mix of gospel, soul, jazz, reggae, pop and hip hop, recorded only using beautiful voices, a beatboxer and a drummer “drumming” on his chest. “You don’t need money to create. Music can be here for anyone. You just need your body and voice,” says Faada and thinks of simplicity, an exceedingly rare treasure in todays’ overly technical world, dazzling with its exploding light, stopping us from seeing what is closest – ourselves. The whole of France has fallen for the magical dandy with the characteristic dreads and Chaplin hat: he has sold-out Paris’ Zenith hall several times, gone through Olympia and had a nomination for the greatest French musical award, Victoires de la Musique. Faada holds on to the positivism of Bob Marley, “one blood, one love”, and reminds people listening to him, be the of whichever skin colour, that “we are all people”.