Eva Kavková

Writer, a promoter of raw food and the wholeness of life.

She recognised that the main purpose of businesses is to make money. She has realized that this approach not only limits us but is also very exhausting. She wrote the book titled „A woman who wanted to be strong, aka the syndrome of Czech Amazon“ in which she explains where a modern woman lost the way and gives practical advise how to find it again. And she feels that raw food is one of the ways to personal development.

„Every day we make a lot of decisions, sometimes important ones, and if we are not in harmony and connected with our inner self we are unhappy. We are acting against our inner voice because we cannot even hear it. Then we usually blame something or someone else. I want to live in freedom and I have to admit it’s a lot of hard work. Discovering the patterns of behaviour that so gracefully and swiftly make us into victims. But raw diet proved to be a great help. I need to stress that I do not perceive raw food as salvation but as help on my way,“ explains Eva Kavkova.