Donny McCaslin

Jazzmen have been giving the American Saxophonist and composer slaps on the back for almost twenty years, and Donny McCaslin also had three nominations for Grammys which aren’t given just like that.

When however on the recommendation of big band leader Marie Schneider David Bowie came in person to a New York club to take a look at his electro-acoustic quartet, the saxophonist’s career took an absolutely unexpected turn: Bowie asked McCaslina and his group to record with him on his album Blackstar, which as it turned out was Bowies last masterpiece. “On the album McCaslin’s role was similar to that of Bowie on Lou Reed’s disc Transformer. So actually Bowie chose McCaslin as his own Bowie,” was written of the saxophonist’s role in the creation of the album. The successful career of this fifty-one-year-old saxophonist cannot of course be limited to this fantastic album, even if when listening to it you can feel as if you had touched a hot stove. McCaslin has recorded much more with the world’s best jazzmen, but it is true that his overwhelming form has never been clearer. And you can be sure of that. In order not to forget about his first-class group: for McCaslin they are not just fellow musicians but also essential fellow creators and his closest friends, even if given their workload the musicians change. At Colours they will be made up of players from Blackstar and Beyond Now – the keyboard player Jason Lindner, bass guitarist Jonathan Maron and the drummer Nate Wood.