Cyril Mooney

A sister of the Loreto order, an educational visionary who has changed the lives of thousands of children.

In 1979 in Kolkara in India she became principal of the Sealdah Loreto Day School. Aware of the extreme poverty beyond the gates of her school she opened it up to children from the slums and to the homeless, so that they could study alongside the normal students. Half of the students are from the poorest classes and their costs are covered, while the second half is from wealthy families who pay school fees. The so-called Rainbow children also use the school building as their home. In their joint classes and during all activities the students from different social classes, from different religions and handicapped children all study together.

Sister Cyril has thus built up a unique system of inclusive education, which helps each child of every age form their personality, create quality relationships and fully develop their internal and academic potential. In this unique educational system students are called on to find their own motivation, cooperate rather than compete, develop empathy and understand true values. Despite initial misgivings her educational system has been successful, effective and has won worldwide recognition. Her work has received a number of international awards and honorary doctorates. The Values-Based Education system has also been adopted in the Czech Republic.